“ Today the aggressive competition and the new procedures for the public and private hospitals contracts reduce drastically the operating margins of the companies. Only with new innovative products and a specialised support “ad hoc” this condition can be contrasted “

Me.T.A. Italia refers to all the companies of the biomedical area that wish to receive a real and valid support to the solution of any problem regarding the R&D and/or the Marketing.

Competences of Division R&D :

  • Technical support regarding the new and innovative “medical devices” through a series of processes among which:
    • Design valutation (in synergy with Marketing and RA & A Divisions)
    • Patentability
    • Productive feasibility
    • Planning
    • “Start up” of the production systems
    • Packaging
    • Manuals (in synergy with RA & A Division)
  • Optimization of the existing production processes
  • Optimization or re-examination of existing Medical devices
  • Cooperation with inner corporate R&D for support of part of activated plans.
Competences of the Marketing Division :
  • Research of new and innovative “medical devices” through a series of initiatives among which:
    • Public Relation with national and foreign hospital and academical Opinion Leaders
    • Valutation of the Clinical validity (in synergy with R&D Division)
    • Analysis of the real and potential market
    • Economic value attributable to the device
    • Competition
    • Research of national and foreign distribution network
  • Coordination between R&D Division and University Departments for the creation of university or academic “spin off”.
  • Outsourcing service to the companies of the biomedical area for professional figures, like Clinic Specialist or Product Specialist, inserted for a determined time to support the promotion of medical devices in the national hospital structures, to assist or to support pre-existent sales network.
  • Courses of clinical/specialised formation, preparatory to the corrected promotion and sale of new or existing medical devices, directed to the sale staff of the company/customer with the presence of well-known and qualified teachers.
Competences of the Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Division  :
  • Internal /external customer support:
    • For medical Device Life Cycle Assessment (LFA)
    • For Medical Device Classification
    • On Risk Assessment (Risk Analysis, Risk Management, Risk Mitigation, etc)
    • On technical file and manuals drafting.